Tuesday, August 18, 2009

sudo: cd: command not found

SkyHi @ Tuesday, August 18, 2009
unable to cd when using sudo

base function cd "change dir" seems to be missing. When I do sudo cd

$ sudo cd config
sudo: cd: command not found

strange that I can not cd to a dir using sudo.
Bryce Harrington said on 2007-02-12:

Actually cd is not a program, but a built-in for the bash shell. So you don't really 'run' it in sudo like that.

Instead, try doing this:

$ sudo bash
# cd
# [other commands...]
# exit

Hope this helps.
tokj said on 2007-02-12:

It is normal. There is no need to be superuser for using cd, so cd is not recognized as a command to be used with sudo. ;)
Gabriel PatiƱo said on 2007-02-12:

The cd command is a bash internal command, if you want an interactive root session, try using 'sudo -i'

After that, you will be working as root (be carefull). To leave the root session, type exit, or ctrl+d
tokj said on 2007-02-17:

It would be nice if you mark this problem as "solved" if you haven't any other problems or questions.

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