Friday, February 5, 2010

Recommended Drive Configuration for a Web Server

SkyHi @ Friday, February 05, 2010
What's your typical web server drive configuration? Typically I'll have a drive for the OS and a drive for data. The data drive is typically a RAID 5, but I can't remember what I used to recommend for the OS drive. Is RAID 1 ideal for that?


I work for a major hosting company, and the most common thing I see in my enterprise segment (not necessarily that I recommend, but what I see), assuming that the server is standalone / using local storage, is a RAID 1 OS array, and a RAID5 data array.

Now, as hard drives get bigger, RAID 5 really becomes less ideal, as your likelihood of hitting a URE during a single-drive rebuild is pretty high.

But since you seem to be specifically asking about the OS drive, yes, RAID 1 is standard and usually sufficient, unless you're going to be running other apps off that drive.