Sunday, June 13, 2010

Exchange Server 2010, Public Folder Management Console problem

SkyHi @ Sunday, June 13, 2010
We have a Domain Controller and a member Server with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise R2. We have installed Exchange 2010 standard on the member server. We have had a lot of trouble installing Exchange 2010 but at last we have a successful installation. Our problem now is that when we in the Exchange Management Console (toolbox) starts the Public Folder Mangement Console, the console is unable to connect to the public folders. (Public Folder - not connected to a server) Anyone out there with the same problem?



During 2010 installation, in the client settings phase, did you selected to install PFs?

If so, you need to create a PF store first. You can do it from the mgmt console, in server config, mailbox, new public folder database (task from the right side).