Saturday, November 5, 2011

The device, \Device\Harddisk0\DR0, has a bad block.

SkyHi @ Saturday, November 05, 2011
 That sounds like an issue with your hardrive. It might possibly be manifesting as crashes in some read/write sequences. Prehaps it would be worthwhile checking your hardisks for any faults. Which hardrive do you have (make model)? If your not sure, go into your device manager (Type "Device Manager" in Start search bar. Look under "Disk drives" and make a note of the code and model you see there.

We can download a diagnostic tool straight from the manufacturers and check the drives make sure they are not experiencing problems. YOu can either post your hardrive details and ill go get the relevant file for you or you can hunt them down yourself. Heres a list;

Hitachi Hard Drives: Diagnostic Utilities Here

IBM Hard Drives: Use Hitachi Utilities*

Maxtor Hard Drives: Diagnostic Utilities Here (SeaGate owns Maxtor)

Toshiba Hard Drives: Use Hitachi or Maxtor Utilities

Quantum Hard Drives: Use Maxtor Utilities

Samsung Hard Drives: Diagnostic Utilities Here

Seagate Hard Drives: Diagnostic Utilities Here

Conner Hard Drives: Use Seagate Utilities

Western Digital Hard Drives: Diagnostic Utilities Here

You can also run a check disk which may help resolve issues with that error message. To run a checkdisk you can either do so in normal windows mode or at boot time. Note that in normal windows, although check disk may find faults with the hardrive, it cannot attempt to repair them, so its a like a read only mode.
To run Checkdisk in normal windows;
Click start, type "Command Prompt" into the search bar. When the launcher appears in the start list, right click it and select "runs as adminstrator". A black window will appear. The cursor will already be set so all you need to do is type "chkdsk" and hit enter. Let it run its checks and see if it reports any faults/bad sectors. If it does, you can run check disk again at boot and let windows try to repair it.

To run at boot time;
Open "Computer" (my computer), go to your hardrive where windows is installed and right click it. Select "Properties" in drop down list that appears. Properties window will appear. Selct "Tools" tab and under Error-checking click on "Check Now".
Another pop up window will appear with Check Disk Options. Make sure both tick boxes ("Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors") are ticked and click on "Start"
You will get another pop up window saying Windows can't check the disk while its in use. Just click on "Schedule disk check" and restart your pc.

As i said, you dont have to do this, but i highly recommend it. Id start with the check disk, see if that does anything. If it does do some repairs, check your event log and see if that errors gone away. If it has, run your game again and see if you get any more crashes.

If check disk comes up clear, try the utilities tools for the hardrive you own and check to make sure there is no issues there. There may be a fault that windows may not detect, or may detect but be unable to repair. Let me know your thoughts.

EDIT PS, I think your problem lays here. Looking at your original post, you crashed randomly, but later consistantly at the same part (queen of the castle). Iam guessing its a fault/bad sector, depending how old the drive(s) are.