Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How to configure Dreamweaver for Webserve for ssh connection

SkyHi @ Tuesday, February 16, 2010
  1. Open Dreamweaver.

  2. Go to Site => Manage Sites....

  3. In the Manage Sites window, click on the site name (1), then click Edit...(2). Or click New to define a new site.

  4. In the Site Definition window, click on the Advanced tab.

  5. In the left-hand column under Category, click Remote Info(1). In the Remote Info panel, click on the check box next to Use Secure FTP (SFTP)(2). Click OK (3).

Note: When you upload a new file using SFTP option in Dreamweaver and try to view the page using a web browser, you may get 403-Forbidden error message. This is because the SFTP client in Dreamweaver is changing file permissions so that the files are not world readable (either 600 or 700).

To fix this 403 error, you will need to change the file permissions into 644 and directory permissions into 711. Please see this Webmaster FAQ item How do I change file permissions? for instructions.

To prevent this error, you need to set the default protection for newly created directories and files in your Webserve account. For instructions on how to do so, please see How to set the default file and directory protection.