Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Very Minimal CentOS Installation

SkyHi @ Wednesday, February 17, 2010
Tutorial objectives
* To install CentOS using their first CD only.
* To install true minimal CentOS for custom deployment need (say firewall, vps infrastructure, etc).

Test environment(s)
* CentOS 5.1 - CD1
* Tested on PIII 900 MHz, 512MB RAM, 200GB IDE HDD
* Tested on Celeron 2.8 ghz, 512MB RAM, 80GB SATA HDD
* Tested on Vmware instance

Any attempt to install CentOS using text-mode or kick-start will result into 340+ packages and lots of useless services. The only way you can achieve a true minimal CentOS is through a manual install process and using graphics mode.

Please seek more guidance from this manual for topics not covered here.

Checkpoint 1: Start graphics installation by hitting enter on boot prompt.

Checkpoint 2: Pick Customize now during package group selection.

Checkpoint 3: De-select everything (Yes, I repeat it! Deselect everything including base).

If you follow the suggested process, you will get a True Minimal CentOS installation with only 148 packages installed (and very few system services).

We can also disable not-so-important services to reduce the memory footprint further.

for s in haldaemon ip6tables iptables kudzu lvm2-monitor mcstrans netfs restorecond
chkconfig $s off;
service $s stop;