Thursday, December 8, 2011

Setting up your Smart Phone for outgoing SMTP using Gmail

SkyHi @ Thursday, December 08, 2011
NEMR does not allow relay of mail.

Incoming mail server settings

username = your nemr user name here
password = your nemr password here
POP3 server =
port = 110
Security type = none

Outgoing mail server settings

You will have to use gmail for this.
Sending Email using Gmail Outgoing Mail Server Settings (SMTP Settings)
o For the outgoing mail server information enter
o Check (green) both Use secure connection andVerify Certificate
o Port 465.
o The username  (Example: 
o Enter the Gmail account password.

To make the reply address look like it is coming from your nemr email address.

Go to a computer and login to your gmail account ( click here )
Once logged in go to the upper right hand corner of the gmail account and click on settings.
Then click on Accounts and Import
In the Send mail as: click on Send mail from another address
You will put your name and nemr email address in this location.
Then click on Next Step
You then will receive a message in your nemr email account, you must follow the directions that are in the email to verify your email account.
Once you have verified the email account you should go back to and find 2 email addresses in the send mail as:
1 will be and the other will be
Make sure you make the account the default send mail account.
Put a dot in the - Always reply from default address (currently your email address