Thursday, December 8, 2011

Yahoo is Filtering/Blocking my emails *UPDATED*

SkyHi @ Thursday, December 08, 2011
Yahoo is filtering/blocking my email

Yahoo tracks all connections made from outside mail servers and sometimes they will put a cap on how much mail you can send their clients if they think you are spamming, or just sending a lot of email to them in general.

One way around this is to let Yahoo know your intentions by filling out the following Yahoo! Mail Bulk Sender Form located at:
Use the information below as a guide to filling out the form:

Company Information
Your Name: Provide your name
Your Role: select "I represent a company engaged in direct marketing"
Email Address: provide your contact email address
Confirm Email Address: retype your contact email address
Company Name: list your company name
Company Website: provide a link to your company website
Postal Address: provide complete postal address of your organization
Phone #: provide contact phone number

Mailing Information
For each of your active mail servers, please provide the IP address, the reverse DNS record, and the domain associated with it. One mail server entry per line. (See sample entry in the text box.): List the private IP address and mailengine name. You can get this information by clicking on “Account Settings” in the upper right hand corner.
Do you use an Email Service Provider (ESP)? Select "Yes"
If you do use an ESP, which one?
Do you use dedicated or shared IP addresses? Select "Dedicated IPs (i.e.: only our company sends from these IPs)"
Do you sign emails with DomainKeys/DKIM? select "Neither"
What type of emails are sent from your IP addresses? Select "Yes" or "No" for each listed email type
Forum Postings
Personal/Corporate Emails
If other, please specify:
What subscription process do you utilize?
Select "Yes" or "No" for each listed type
Confirmed/Double Opt-In
Single Opt-In
Affiliate Marketing
If other, please specify:
Additional Subscription Information
How many subscribers do you currently have? Provide the number of active subscribers showing in your StreamSend database.
How many emails do you send on a monthly basis? Enter your send frequency (daily, weekly, monthly)
Privacy Policy URL: Your privacy page
Subscription Form URL: (Optional) You can provide a link to your StreamSend Sign Up form
List Maintenance
Do you remove bouncing email addresses from your subscription list? select "Yes"
If you do remove bouncing email addresses, how many Soft bounces (4xx) does it take to be removed from you list? (Optional): 10
(note: 10 soft bounces is the default setting on all accounts. if you want to decrease the number of soft bounce threshold please let us know)
If you do remove bouncing email addresses, how many Hard bounces (5xx) does it take to be removed from you list? (Optional): 1
How long does it take for an email address to be removed from your list once an unsubscribe request has been received?:  select "within 1 week"

Additional Information
Describe in detail any problems you are currently experiencing when sending emails to Yahoo! Mail -- e.g., getting frequent deferrals, emails landing in the Spam folder. Please include any SMTP error message(s) you are getting from our mail servers or the complete headers of an email that was delivered to our Spam folder.

-If your messages are not getting delivered to the inbox or the bulk folder: “Messages to my opted-in Yahoo members are not getting delivered”. Also provide a bounce back message received from Yahoo like in the following example:
421 4.7.0 [TS01] Messages from xx.xx.xx.xx temporarily deferred due to user complaints -; see
-If your messages are going to the bulk folder:  “Messages to my opted-in Yahoo members are going to the bulk folder”. Also provide the complete headers of an email delivered into a bulk folder. Note: for information on how to find and view email headers in Yahoo mail please refer to Yahoo kb article located at

Send the form to us. 
Yes! Yahoo! and survey partners working on behalf of Yahoo! may contact me to participate in customer satisfaction surveys. You can uncheck this box if you do not wish to participate in customer satisfaction surveys done by Yahoo and its partners.
Confirmation code
Enter the characters displayed
Type the code shown above:
(text is not case sensitive): Enter the Confirmation code

Click On Submit and you are done.