Monday, April 26, 2010

Deb-RPM package usage

SkyHi @ Monday, April 26, 2010

DebianRed HatDescription
dpkg -x package.debrpm2cpio package.rpm | cpio -idextract package files to current directory
dpkg -s package | grep ^Depends:rpm -q --requires packagelist files/packages that package needs
dpkg -s packagerpm -q -i packageshow all package metadata
dpkg -S /path/filerpm -q -f /path/filewhat package does file belong
dpkg -r packagerpm -e packageremove package
dpkg -l packagerpm -q packageshow version of package installed
dpkg -L packagerpm -q -l packagelist where files were installed
dpkg -l '*spell*'rpm -qa '*spell*'show all packages whose names contain the word spell
dpkg -I package.debrpm -q -i -p package.rpmshow all package file's metadata
dpkg -Gi package(s).debrpm -Uvh packages(s).rpminstall/upgrade package file(s)
dpkg -c package.debrpm -q -l -p package.rpmlist where files would be installed
dpkg --purge --dry-run packagerpm -q --whatrequires packagelist packages that need package (see also whatrequires)
apt-get remove yum remove remove specified packages from system
apt-get install yum install install latest version of package(s)
apt-get dist-upgradeyum update [package list]upgrade specified packages (or all installed packages if none specified)
apt-cache list [package list]yum list [package list]list available packages from repositories