Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hardening Wordpress

SkyHi @ Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This document needs to be expanded and given more detail. Please help.

Hardening Wordpress

  • A general overview to secure your WordPress blog from attack.

Security FAQ

  • A security FAQ as provided from the WordPress Codex.

Wordpress Security Tips and Hacks

  • WordPress security tips

20 Powerful Wordpress Security Plugins and Some Tips and tricks

  • Just as it says, 20 WordPress security plugins and some more tips to keep the blog secure.

WP Security Scan

  • A WordPress plugin designed to scan the blog for exploits and vulnerabilities. It does not remove any exploits, that is up to the user.

FAQ: My site was hacked!

  • A WordPress FAQ outlining general steps to take if you suspect your WordPress blog has been hacked.

Exploit Scanner

  • Another WordPress plugin to scan the blog's database tables for exploits. It does not remove the exploits, that is up to the user.

Wordpress Whitepaper

  • PDF whitepaper discussing security issues with WordPress.