Friday, September 10, 2010

Email with Attachment to trash folder

SkyHi @ Friday, September 10, 2010
I have read carefully and created several filters to improve the chances of having only “real” mail in my Inbox. Yahoo filters are improperly directing properly addressed and desired mail to the Trash, where I had designated the spam to go.

Can you suggest what is amuck?

Have you had the same experience and found a solution?

Thanks in advance.

reply to Dr. Dave, there are several reasons that the mail will directly to the Trash folder, one of those reason is the filter setting, as Dare2 said because of encoding containing the “words” that automatically to Trash, I am agree with this point since we did many test on this problems and finally realized that some filter setting will cause other mails directly to Trash folder even there is no exact match with the filter, and we did another test baed on same set of attachments, and the founding told us that it may because of the encoding problem. Just a message to let you know that it’s possible for a mail directly to the Trash folder even novody click “This is Spam” or “delete” button. Hope this help, thanks

Read this on why messages, with attatchments, are filtered to the trash can and what you can do to stop it from occurring.

Messages with attachments are routed to my trash folder. Why?

Messages containing attachments that are repeatedly routed to your trash folder are most likely being filtered based on the type of encoding associated with the attachment.

Yahoo! Mail uses MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions) encoding for messages sent with attachments. MIME is the email protocol that lets people exchange different kinds of data files on the Internet.

For example, if a filter is created to route messages that contain “DVD” to the trash folder, the letters may appear in the encoding associated with the attachment. Therefore, any message with an attachment that has this appearing in the encoding is going to be routed to the trash folder. This can be resolved by editing the filter.

To edit a filter:

Log into Yahoo! Mail at

Click “Mail Options” in the upper-right area of the page.

Click the “Filters” link.

Select the appropriate filter, then click “Edit.”

Where you have an entry that is three letters such as; DVD, VHS, CD, etc., enter a space before and after the letters. Do this by placing the cursor before the letters and hitting the spacebar on your keyboard once, then place the cursor after the letters and hit the spacebar again.

Please Note: Messages containing attachments will now be routed to your inbox. If you see messages routed to the trash folder, check to ensure you do not have other filters in place that may be causing messages to be routed to another location other than the inbox.