Thursday, September 16, 2010

How do I switch from POP to IMAP in Apple Mail?

SkyHi @ Thursday, September 16, 2010
You can choose between either POP or IMAP email protocols. You typically cannot "change" a POP account over to an IMAP account, but must disable the POP account and set up a brand new account as an IMAP.

Below you will find the process for migrating from POP to IMAP on a Mac using Apple Mail.

You can watch a video about making this change here, or click here for the full size video.


Settings for the IMAP account:

In all instances where a username is requested please use your full email address.

Incoming mail server:

Port: 143

Outgoing mail server:

Port: 25, or 2525

SSL should be disabled in all instances

'Authentication' should be enabled in all instances, your full email address will be the username, along with the password for your account.

1. Back up your inbox.

- Open up your computer user file, this is represented by a 'house' icon when a new Finder window is opened. Inside your user there is a Library folder, and inside the Library folder is one titled 'Mail'. Making a duplicate or backing up this folder before proceeding is recommended but not necessary.

- Next go into the Mail application and click the '+' sign in the bottom left hand corner of the window. This action creates a new mail folder in the Mail application. You will be prompted to select where this folder will live, and from the dropdown menu select 'on my mac'.

- You will need to give this folder a name, such as 'Archive'.

- Next you will need to move all messages from your inbox into this folder. This may take awhile depending on how much email you are moving.

2. Deactivate your POP account. (Do not delete it!)

- Under the 'Mail' menu access your mail preferences. In the top portion of the preferences panel click on 'Accounts'. Select the POP account that you are deactivating in the left hand column and then click the 'Advanced' button. The first checkbox on this pane is 'Enable this account'. Please un-check this option.

3. Set up your IMAP account.

- Click the '+' sign in the lower left corner of the preferences pane. This action creates a new mail account. When first prompted for an account type select IMAP and proceed through the steps using the information I have supplied above.

Once the account has been established you are welcome to leave the messages you have moved to the 'archive' folder where they are, or move them back into your inbox if you wish for them to be shared across your different computers.

Repeat these steps on all computers you use to access these accounts.