Friday, November 26, 2010

Setting up the firewall in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)

SkyHi @ Friday, November 26, 2010
After receiving a port scan this morning (thanks for the new year present):

I’ve came to realize that I need to setup the firewall on my Mac asap before someone decided to take a tour of my iMac. Until recently, I’ve always use my PC laptop to surf the Internet, so I always forgot to setup the firewall on my Mac…but after the incident it looks like I have to act quick before things got out of hand. If you are new to Leopard and you have no idea how to setup the firewall, here is a simple step by step guide:
Step 1: Click on the System Preferences icon on your dock:

Step 2: Click on Security:

Step 3: Click on Firewall:

Step 4: By default, the firewall will allow all incoming connections…which is not very helpful at all:

We need to change that by clicking on the 3rd option:

Step 5: Now click on the “+” button at the bottom left hand corner to choose which your application(s) you want to allow or block access by the firewall:

Select the application(s) you want and click on the Add button.
Step 6: After you have added your application(s), click on the Advanced button:

As you can see, the Stealth Mode is not turned on by default:

Turn on the Stealth Mode and click on the OK button:
Step 7: The applications you have added are allowed (incoming connections) by default, if you want to block some of your application(s), just click on that application and change to “Block incoming connections“:

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I hope this article will help you to setup your firewall