Wednesday, December 9, 2009

26 Useful and Handy Linux/Unix Cheat Sheets

SkyHi @ Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Cheat Sheets help you learn quickly making it faster and easier to complete your tasks. Here we have collected 26 very useful and handy Linux/Unix Cheat sheets, covering all kinds of Linux and Unix operating systems. This guide is to help you understand the OS better and learn faster with the help of these cheats. You can print them out and keep a hard copy at your desk when you work on your OS next time.

1. Linux Admin Cheat Sheet

2. The one page Linux Manual

3. UNIX / Linux Shell Cheat Sheet

4. Ubuntu refrence

5. Beginner's Linux Cheat Sheets

6. LINUX System Call Quick Reference

7. UNIX Command Cheat Sheets

8. UNIX C Shell Cheat Sheet

9. AWK Cheat sheet

10. OpenSSH Quick Reference


12. Red Hat Linux Getting Started Guide

13. Sed Command Summary

14. Linux Security Quick Reference

15. The humble Linux cheat sheet

16. Debian GNU/Linux Reference Card

17. Screen Terminal Emulator Cheat Sheet

18. Package Management Cheat sheet

19. Introduction to Linux

20. Red hat program manager

21. Vim Keyboard shortcuts

22. TCP port list

23. Rosetta stone for Unix

24. Linux shortcuts and commands

25. Linux Cheat Sheet for Mac and Windows Programmers

26. Bash emacs editing mode