Monday, March 8, 2010

VOIP problem

SkyHi @ Monday, March 08, 2010
I currently got 2 problems with my WNR854T router, perhaps someone can help me here. I'm using firmware version 1.4.22.

* My VOIP router in bridge mode is somehow blocked by the WNR854T, I have tried UPNP and configuring port forwarding myself. I have forwarded the following ports manually: 5060-5061, 10000-10007, 3478-3479. VOIP works great on my old DLink router (configured those ports manually there too), but the netgear router seems to block the connection when making the actual phone call. I have tried disabling the SPI, but it doesn't help.

Anyone got any good suggestions how to make the VOIP work through the netgear router? Perhaps I should try an older firmware version?

* If I do an erase and start to reconfigure the router, I usually start by disabling the wireless, after doing most of my settings the "Enable Wireless Router Radio" setting gets enabled by itself automatically, and the funny thing is that I can't disable it again after that!


Since Jope says that the ‘VOIP router is in bridge mode’ this implies to me that the VOIP router is also the modem? If so it will be on the WAN side of the Netgear router in which case DMZ would not be applicable? I don't do VOIP so could be wide of the mark here, but wouldn't the audio connection to the VOIP router also be on the WAN side of the Netgear, i.e. direct to the VOIP router? It might help if we knew the brand and model number of the VOIP router.

Thanks for the answers, but I solved this by downgrading to firmware version 1.4.09.

Actually the VOIP router is connected as "just another device" on the LAN side. I tried setting it as DMZ before I downgraded, but it didn't work, somehow it could not get a proper connection to the server. The router is a Vood 322i.

Don't know if the problem with automatic wireless activation was solved by downgrading the firmware, don't really want to change anything now that I got it "working".

Lesson learned, next time I get the idea I need a new router I will build it myself and run pfsense or m0n0wall on it.

Are you using UPnP? Yes.
Disable SPI? Yes.
DMZ? No.
Port forwarding? No.