Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MySQL 5.0 vs 5.1 triggers

SkyHi @ Tuesday, January 18, 2011
I am developer basically and my client have shared hosting plan in site5. i wanted to create mysql triggers in my account. but it said super privilege is required for that so i contact site5 support. there answer was plain simple ...

"Triggers require special permissions which are not available on our shared hosting plans. We can elevate this security measure on a dedicated server if needed, however due to nature of shared hosting, it's not something we can do while keeping security."

So i researched about it what things cause security problem, problem was prior to mysql 5.1 it required special privilege called SUPER. now this privilege can create security measures as if it is granted you can change other peoples databases in shared accounts. but after mysql 5.1 it does not require SUPER privilege, it has its own grant permission just like other mysql commands TRIGGER privilege. so i asked support people which version we have at site5 server. in case we have old MySQL server can we upgrade our server to 5.1 at least?

But i got reply like this "Triggers are not available on our shared hosting plans due to control panel limitation as it requires special permissions. We can only elevate those on our dedicated servers."

As you know, we run MySQL 5.0.x on our shared and reseller servers. None of our servers are currently running MySQL 5.1. In order to use TRIGGERS with MySQL 5.0.x, you must have the SUPER privilege also. For security reasons, we are not going to grant this to regular users:


We do plan to eventually upgrade to MySQL 5.1 and when that time comes it will be a simple matter of enabling the TRIGGER privilege per-user. Until we do that, we will not be enabling any sort of workarounds to enable TRIGGER privileges. TRIGGER will not be available until MySQL 5.1 is installed on our server fleet.