Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SSL Certificate Installation Checker

SkyHi @ Tuesday, January 18, 2011
Thawte SSL Certificate Installation Checker
** All other server platforms

Please download the Thawte Intermediate CAs for your SSL certificate here:

If you require the CA bundle version of the Intermediate CAs, please download it here:

Ensure you have installed your certificate correctly at:

Additionally, as part of your SSL Certificate Service, you are entitled to display the Thawte Trusted Seal - recognised across the Internet and around the world as a symbol of authenticity, security, and trust - to build consumer confidence in your Web site.

Installation instructions for the Thawte Trusted Seal can be found on the following link:

Visit the Thawte Support Web site, where you will find a range of support tools to help you:

VeriSign SSL Certificate Installation Checker
IMPORTANT! In order for your SSL Certificate to function properly, you must download and install the VeriSign Intermediate CA Certificate on your Web server. Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 5.0 and above automatically installs the Intermediate CA Certificate when you install the SSL Certificate and does not require separate installation. All other Web servers require you to install the Intermediate CA separately.

For detailed installation instructions for your SSL Certificate and the Intermediate CA, go to:

Ensure you have installed your certificate correctly at: https://knowledge.verisign.com/support/ssl-certificates-support/index?page=certchecker

Additionally, as part of your Secure Site Service, you are entitled to display the VeriSign Secured Seal - recognized across the Internet and around the world as a symbol of authenticity, security, and trust - to build consumer confidence in your Web site. For installation instructions for your VeriSign Secured Seal, go to:

SSL for IIS 6.0 
D: I just want to confirm if a new csr is needed to renew a SSL123
on IIS6.0?

A: Need to create a new csr via dummy site as there is a bug in IIs
during renew process it create csr which has few fields striped and hence
renew csr do not match original order
A: To resolve the problem you need to create a dummy site in IIS name
it dummy site
Make Sure CN is your Domain Name
Generate a CSR for dummy site CN is your domain name
Apply for a Renew or Reissue Certificate
Install the New SSL Cert on Dummy Site
Replace Production site or Default site with dummy site
Delete Dummy site
The agent is sending you to

D: got you, that's exactly what I found..thx....that's such as
hassle just to renew a ssl...hehe
A: There is a bug in IIS

ERROR:  The intermediate CA certificate cannot be found for the following certificate chain. 
Solution: if everything is correct, restart Apache instead reload Apache.